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Banner advertisement information
"" is a website fully dedicated to camping and to Canadian campgrounds. Since 2011, our website's popularity has been growing and is considered a great source of information about camping, campgrounds and the RV industry. We currently average 1,500,000 hits per month during the camping season! Our highly-focused proprietary content attracts camping enthusiasts of all ages allowing us to deliver ad programs directly to your potential clients. As you may know, web advertising delivers the most convenient "call-to-action" of any advertising medium.... one click is all that separates a potential customer from your products or services.

We currently offer two types of banner ads; "Home page" banners (shown on our popular home page) and "Page specific" banners ( select the page). Note that our banner ads are static (ie. non-rotating) and include a d direct link to your website.

To purchase a banner ad, simply choose the type and duration desired from the table below and click on "Create a purchase order". You will then be asked to provide some contact information as well as banner details before you finalize your order.

Banner ads options
Banner type
Page specific 
* All rates are net CDN dollars. No agency discounts. All taxes included.

Banner specs:

Listed below are our generic banner specs. The above rates are based on these specs. Larger banner size can be accommodated for a nominal fee. We accept both static and animated banner ads. Pop-ups, pop-under, Interstitials, and floaters ads are not accepted.
  • Dimensions: 100-200 pixels high x 200-400 pixels wide
  • File format: JPG, GIF, Animated GIF
  • File size: 10kb or less
  • No Rich Media
Banner size information

Note that if you don't already have a banner, we can design one for you for a small fee ($75 on average for non-animated banners). You supply the image(s) and the advertising message, we create the banner. Click here to email us the required information. Our graphics team will design your banner and send it back to you for approval. Once approved, we will activate it on our website at the location requested. Please email us if you need further information.

Terms and conditions

"Camping-Canada.Com" reserves the right to refuse any banner advertisement request (including any image or text). "Camping-Canada.Com" reserves the right to cancel a banner at any time without prior notice and without liability other than a pro-rated refund based upon the total amount of the payment received and the elapsed time since activation.

Banner rates are as stated in the above rate table and are subject to change. Banners will not be activated until payment is received in full by "Camping-Canada.Com". Payments can be made via PayPal™ or a credit card. Once your banner is activated, you will receive a notification email. Banners are normally activated within 24 hours of payment reception. If for some reason your banner cannot be activated within this timeframe, you will be notified.

"Camping-Canada.Com" reserves the right to modify the banner image received if it doesn't meet size restrictions. If changes are required, "Camping-Canada.Com" will do its best to maintain the image's integrity and quality.

Advertisers assume joint liability for all content (including text representation and illustration) of advertisements, and assume responsibility for any claims against "Camping-Canada.Com" resulting from the ad, including costs associated with defending such claims.

Advertisers who cancel during the course of a campaign will receive a pro-rated refund based upon the total amount of the payment received and the elapsed time since activation. .

These terms and conditions shall apply to all advertising accepted by "Camping-Canada.Com". These terms and conditions supersede any "Camping-Canada.Com" contract clauses not specifically acknowledged above.

For additional information or inquiries, please send an email to

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