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Buying a used RV is usually not as simple as buying a used car given all the various components (water system, furnace....) that make up an RV. In order to help with this process, we have prepared the following checklist that you can print and bring along with you on your next "RV inspection" trip. You can also refer to our RV Selection Guide and our RV Shopping Checklist for additional information.


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Date: _____________________
Seller name: _____________________
Seller address: _____________________       Phone no.: ___________
Previous owner: _____________________       Phone no.: ___________
Make / Model: _____________________
Year: ________
RV location: _____________________
Length: ________
Gross Vehicle Weight: ________
records available?
Yes        No
Asking price: $ ____________________
RV description: _____________________________________________________

Things to look for
Air conditioning Run the air conditioner for at least 15 minutes and make sure the air stays cool.

Awning Is it easy enough to open & close the awning?
Does the roll seem straight?
Is the canvas in good condition?
Are the awning arms in good condition?

Bathroom Is it big enough?
Are the toilet and vanity in good working order?
Check the condition of the shower floor (make sure there's no cracks).
Is there an exhaust fan? Does it work?
Is there a medecine cabinet?

Battery Check battery electrolyte level .
Ask for the purchase date ( less than 5 yrs old is better) and check for condition.

Cable TV Is the RV wired for cable TV?

Door hinges Check door hinges for wear.
Are all doors closing properly?

Exhaust fans Do the fans work?
Do they need lubrication?

Exterior compartments Are there any lockable exterior compartments?
Are they dry and clean, with no rusty areas?

Exterior siding Are there rusted areas?
Check the screws for rust and streaking.
Are there a lot of dents, dings, scratches or stains?

Floor Check the condition of all carpet and flooring.
Check for soft spots on the floor (indicating water leaks).

Furnace Start the furnace and be sure that it is working smoothly. Flame should not be too blue.
Is the thermostat working properly?

Holding tanks Add water and check for leaks. Check both fresh water and waste water tanks.
Are the inlet valves working properly?
Inspect the sewer hose and all seals.

Interior Is there enough storage?
Is the kitchen table big enough?
How clean is the chair / sofa?
Is there a privacy door / curtain?
Are the mattresses in good condition?
Is there enough room for everybody to sleep?

Leaks Check in cupboards for signs of previous water leaks.
Check for warped or stained walls and ceiling - sure signs of previous water leaks.
Check for "soft spots" around windows, vents and along the floor.
Check under sinks for signs of previous water leaks.

Lighting Are any of the light fixture covers damaged?
Do the lights work properly?

Locks / controls Are all the door locks and interior controls working properly?

Manuals Do they have the RV manual?
Do they have the manuals for the appliances and equipment?

Microwave Does it work?

Phone Is the RV wired for a phone line?

Propane (LPG) Check the hoses for cracks / damage. Inspect the LP tanks for damage / rust. Check the dates to determine expiration.

Rear ladder Check the condition of the ladder.

Refrigerator Does it stay cold using both propane and electric?
Is the freezer icy cold?

Roof Check for cracks on rubber roofs.
Check for rust and loose screws on metal roofs.


If aluminium siding, check for scratches and dents. If fiberglass siding, look all around for signs of delamination.

Stove/Oven Are the oven and stovetop burners in good working condition?

Tires Check the tires for wear and cracking (sun damage).

TV/Stereo Do they work?

Water Is there a filter in the water inlet?
Is the water pump working properly?
Try all the water faucets and check for leaks around the pump, water heater and tanks

Water heater Is the water heater working properly?
Is the tank big enough?

Warranties Are there any items still under warranty?
Are the warranty cards available?

Windows Are all insect screens intact?
Do they all open and close properly?
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