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Website enhancements

Listed below are recent enhancements that we have made to our website. These enhancements are show in chronological order with the most recent enhancements shown first.

Our latest website enhancement is what we call the "Camping log". It basically allows campers to keep track on a map of the campgrounds that they have visited in the past! Each and every campground they have visited (and reviewed on Camping-Canada) pops up with our Map icon icon on a Google map. Clicking on an icon brings up additional information about that specific campground including links to existing reviews as well as any personal notes that they may have stored for that campground.

Another recent enhancement allows you, the campground owners, to reply to reviews about your campgrounds. We had received numerous requests for this feature in the past and it's now available. The neat thing about this feature is that it shows campers that you do care about both positive and negative comments about your campground. It allows you to clarify a specific issue/event or thank someone for raving reviews. We feel this is a great marketing tool for any business.

Another feature that we recently allows campers to search for a campground by campground name! We had received many requests for this option over the last few years so we decided to include it in this new website version. This feature works by looking for campground names that "sound like.... (the search criteria)". There is no need to know the full campground name, one or two words does the job!

Videos! Campground owners that have an "Premium listing" can now add a video of their campground to their listing. The process is quite simple, you email us your video and our graphics staff will make a 10-15 minute montage using our specialized video conversion tools. Click here to see a sample video in our "Demo" listing.

Most of our campgrounds (approx. 98%) now have longitude & latitude coordinates so we can automatically generate a Mapquest™ map for the campground as well as driving directions. This mapping required many months of work but will prove to be quite popular with campers as this was requested often over the last couple of years.

We just recently added a "region" field to our database as a supplement to city and province. With this new field, campers can now get a listing of campgrounds by region. This was also a feature that campers have been requesting over the last while.

Another addition to our website is the "campground ratings" feature. This allows campers to either do a quick rating (5 point scale) of a campground and/or write a full blown review. Such reviews are very popular on the internet as they prove to be helpful to the general public while providing critical feedback to business owners such as yourself.

Campers can now sort campground search results in many different ways. By default, when a campground search is performed, campgrounds are listed in ascending order of city and campground name. But now, campers can re-sort the search results in ascending or descending order of campground name, region, city, campground type (private, provincial, national) and number of sites.

SiteSearch. Our website now has its own search tool. Our visitors can now search for camping information within our website.

We have just added a new tool ("Rules & Regulations") with which you can now enter your campground rules & regulations. As with all other campground listings information, it is optional which means that your rules & regulations page will only show in your campground listing if there is information to show.

We have also recently improved the "Local attractions" page so that you can now enter the website address (ie. URL) of a local attraction as well as a description of the local attraction. As they say, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!

We have just increased the storage space allocated for Each campground listing photos. This means that you can now store more photos of your campground at no extra charge! Also, we recently added a new feature that greatly simplifies the process of uploading photos. You no longer have to provide photos of specific dimensions and size.... our new tool will automatically reformat your photos to the appropriate dimensions and size. Furthermore, we have also created a new feature called "Photo-zoom" that allows viewers of your campground listing to "zoom" a photo and view a larger version of it.

We have also just recently implemented a "Campground owners forum" section specifically for you the campground owners. The current forum topics include employment, for sale, grounds maintenance, help, looking for, marketing ideas, miscellaneous, rates / fees, reservations, services and tips. New forum topics will be added as requested.

We have also added new tools to help with your campground advertisement / marketing. One tool automatically generates business cards for your campground (includes a photo, your contact information, a "caption" and your campground ID) and the other tool generates a 5"x7" camping-canada logo with the instructions on how to visit your campground listing on "Camping-Canada.Com". Both of these can be printed off of your black&white or color printer.
Please note that we are always on the lookout for comments, ideas and suggestions as we want to make this website easy to use but yet sophisticated enough to help you market your camping business. Please use our feedback form to help us help you!

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